Dr. Rennes Toussaint

Mental Wellness Coach

Helping you take back your Power

Hi, I’m Dr. Rennes! I help women suffering in Silence to find their Identity and their Voice and to take back their POWER.

Personal Journey

The Nature Isle to Miami

I was born and raised on the beautiful Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica. Fun facts about my childhood

  • I loved playing outside more than watching TV
  • I was a Pageant Girl (often being the youngest in the group)
  • I skipped the 2nd Grade
  • Started High School at 10 Years Old

But some where along the way I told myself that I was not smart enough, not beautiful enough and that I was Glossophobia (fear of public speaking.

At age 13, my siblings and I migrated to Miami. I Got pushed back to the 7th grade (go Figure!) Also while in Miami, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences from Florida International University.


Professional Journey

Is there a Doctor in the House? 

I hold a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in Georgia. Yes, you may refer to me as a back doctor but I am way more than that. One of my greatest lesson learned from being in practice is that our physical pain is often emotional pain manifested outward. Therefore; I take a Holistic approach to Health and Wellness.


Practicing Abroad

For my final externship of Chiropractic school I was selected to go to Accra, Ghana. I knew early on that I wanted to continue a similar life-changing experience. Upon my return and graduating I accepted a one year work contract to go to Arequipa, Peru which turned into 2 years. Then spent 10 months practicing in San Pedro Sula, Honduras before settling down in New York City.

In 2016, I became a Certified Life Coach.


Travel & Love

My decision to move abroad in 2015, in so many ways felt like I was running away because I needed a fresh start. But actually there was no need for me to run. Everything I needed, I already had. For the first time in my entire life I was chose to be with myself. That was when all the magic happened. Yes it was tough but absolutely! It was worth it

As of 2020, I have traveled to 23 countries. Living abroad and travelling has given me greatest sense of self- awareness and appreciation for life.  I was even able to learn a whole new language (Spanish). The best lessons are not taught in the classroom (or Virtual) but by experiencing life, people and different cultures.

Also, met the love of my life while doing so. He came into my life the moment I was learning to Love myself unconditionally and complemented my efforts. What I learned was, the more I loved myself the more the better I can love everyone else around me.



Core Values






Safe Space

I would love to hear from you!

Please send me a message. 

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