Dr. Rennes

Mental Wellness Coach

Helping You to Take Back Your POWER



15 Self-Discovery Questions

How well do you know yourself?

FORGIVE you First

Are you holding on  to the past?  

LOVE who you are now

Are you constantly putting yourself down?

PROTECT your Peace

Are you Mentally Fit & setting healthy boundaries?

FAITH over Fears

Do you BELIEVE in Yourself? 

What Is Mental Wellness Coaching?

Is helping you identify your own capabilities by retraining your thoughts and feelings to complement the results that you want.  Mental Wellness is not merely the absence of Mental Illness but is the daily practice of coping and adapting to daily life stressors. 

Who Is Mental Wellness Coaching For?

Is for anyone who is struggling to make a transition in any areas of their life; personally or professionally. The right coach will help you figure out what is the NEXT BEST STEP. If you are struggling with a Mental IIlness, I advise you to first seek help from a professional trained specifically in that area. 

My Truth

One of the learned behaviors as a child was “You do not talk about your problems”.  As a result, I quickly developed the “I’m Fine” Syndrome. Even when I am sad, devastated, frustrated or angry those two words were my safety net to suppress all feelings/emotions that were uncomfortable or painful.  This lead to keeping secrets, telling little white lies and Suffering in Silence. Eventually, turning into episodes of anxiety, depression and I was slowly losing myself. Using the perfect filter on Facebook and Instagram; painting a smile on my face yet a complete stranger to myself. Not to mention at the same time I walking across the stage with a Doctorate Degree in hand. Life was suppose to be great and I was suppose to be happy.  In desperation for change; I booked a one way ticket to Peru. A one year job contract turned into 3 years of self-discovery and spiritual growth journey. I now have a better understand of who I am. Today my Journey still continues but now its my time to help you on your journey.  

My goal is to help women who are Suffering in Silence to find their identity, their voice and to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. 



Rennes is really amazing. She’s a caring person who values you as a client. It’s apparent that she does this to help other people and not just for the monetary benefits. One session with her and not only did I feel truly listened to for the first time in all my years of therapy, I received human feedback and self-help homework. With her experience with depression and anxiety, she’s extremely relatable. This, combined with her kind and healing energy, is a deadly combination for a better you;)

Alana W.

Rennes and I have only done one session together but it was very relieving to hear her responses to my problems and concerns. She immediately identified what I wanted to work on and continued to give me positive feedback throughout the whole conversation. She was wholly polite and positive the entire time and also shared about herself too which made it feel like a very natural conversation. She even noticed something that I hadn’t, which was my tendency to talk negatively about myself. I was shocked but pleased that she not only noticed but felt free enough to let me know we can change that.

Hana K.

Dr. Toussaint has always been a voice of reason, shown empathy, and love in my life. She analyzes all aspects of each issue I present and tells me the honest truth even when I don’t want to hear it. Her support and advice is priceless and it is important to have that in someone you confide in. She is professional yet very relatable and takes the time to listen so make sure you write down your questions 🙂 . Highly recommended!!

Jeane N.

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